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Foshan Nanhai Feipeng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

16inch Remote Control Blue portable Wall Fan FW40-801R

Air Treatment Appliances
16inch Remote Control Blue portable Wall Fan  FW40-801R


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Offer Category: Air Treatment Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2019-07-31

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Model: FW40-801R


Carriage: Foshan port


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 16inch Wall Fan Descrition:
Product Name: 16inch wall fan
Model No: FW40-801R
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 40W
Motor: 66*16 Aluminum Motor or Copper Motor
Grill: Line Grill
Blades: 3PP blades
Plug: two round Plug
Color: Blue or according the order
Base: plastic
Body: New PP material

1.Remove the spinner and the plastic nut  from the front side of the motor shaft then tighten the plastic nut.
2.Discard PVC sleeve on shaft.Insert the blade into shaft,made sure the stopper pin is clipped in to the groove of the blade.Screw the spinner counter clockwise to tighten the blades
3.Hold the front guard to make sure that  the trade mark is level and that the front guard are centered over the rear guard.Then push all the safety clips firmly into place.
Speed control please use "speed "switch to turn on/off the fan and adjust the speed by push the swich to number indicating. 0-off  1-low  2-medium  3-high
To make the fan oscillating,pres the oscillation knob located on the top of the motor housing.To get the directional airflow,press the oscillating knob.
Unscrew the tilting knob,adjust the fan head to the desirable angle by holding the fan head,then tighten the knob.

The fan requires little maintenance.Do not try to fix it by yourself,refer it to qualified service personnel if service is required.
1.Before cleaning and assembling,do not plug the pins into the socket.
2.To ensure adequate air circulation to the motor,keep vents at the rear of the motor housing room dust,fluff and etc,A vacuum cleaner can not be used to clean these vents before unplug.Do not disassemble the fan to remove fluff.
3.Please wipe the exterior ports with a soft cloth soaking a mild detergent.Do not use any abrasive detergent or solvents to avoid scratching the surface.
4.Do not allow water or any other liquid in to the motor housing or interior parts.
5.If the power cord is damaged,it is strongly recommended to request a specialist to handle.